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A live film shot and scored from two suitcases, a bowl of water and a piece of ice; in collaboration with Laetitia Sonami.

I.C.You live film by Sue Costabile and Laetitia Sonami, based on a script by poet Tom Sleigh. I.C.You follows the road-based travels of a truck driver delivering ice for the Universe Company. His job is to keep America cold. Sonami and Costabile open windows into his existence through a suitcase-sized foley stage, photographs, drawings, videos, shadow theater, and miniature lighting rigs. More stills on Flickr
Stage set-up: A large table rests on two milk crates. Performers will sit on the floor on cushions: the performers MUST face the projection screen. On the table are two suitcases, one with the film equipment and one with the sound equipment. On the floor between the performers is a small cooler full of dry ice and a large fishbowl full of water. The cooler also contains one piece of handmade ice which is filmed in the final scene. The fishbowl is used to trigger sounds during the film. Generally the performers are working with the equipment on the table which includes: small lamp, light box, firewire camera, tripod, drawings, photographs, motorized shadow theater, piezo microphones, LED flashlights, two laptops and other equipment.
The video below is a documentation of the stage set-up with suitcases, film and audio equipment.

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