Upcoming Performances:

!!! TUESDAY August 8th at Live Cinema Nights (ISEA)
+ + + I.C.You with Laetitia Sonami (<-- read more at the link)
a rare opportunity to see a live film shot and scored from two suitcases, a bowl of water and a piece of ice

WEDNESDAY August 9th, also at Live Cinema Nights (ISEA)
+ + SUE-C's Songs About Videos presents SUE-C & The 7 Deadly Sins
a solo performance for voice and live animation

FRIDAY August 11 as part of "Starry, Starry Night: Art and Astronomy Slumber Party".
Sue Costabile and Laetitia Sonami perform at the Montalvo Arts Center
Performance at 8pm in Red Carriage, Play table at 11:00 outside by the lawn, and Light Installation by the Amphitheatre.

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Past Performances:

with Morton Subotnick's "Until Spring Revisited"
---May 12th, Library of Congress, Washington DC ---January 28th, 2006, Red Cat, Los Angeles, CA with Morton Subotnick ---October 7th, 2005, Little Rock, Arkansas
---February 10th, 2005, world premiere at "Hip Chips"
---March 10th, 2005, University of Illinois, Urbana

with AGF:
---November 23rd to 25th, 2005, Huddersfield, UK (Ultrasound Festival)
a debut of Mini Movies our new CD/DVD collaboration coming out on Asphodel in November
---April 3rd, 2004, Recombinant Media Lab, San Francisco
---April 7th, 2004, Holocene, Portland
---April 8th, 2004, The Little Temple, Los Angeles (Headspace 10th Anniversary)
---April 10th, 2004, Monkey Town, NYC
---April 15th, 2004, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore (Once Twice Festival)
---April 21st, 2004, SAT, Montreal (Micro_Mutek 9 with Skolz Kolgen, Deadbeat) ---September 5th, 2004, Ars Electronica, Linz (with Craig Armstrong)
---September 10th, 2004, Witte de Wittestraat Festival, Rotterdam
---September 12th, 2004, Milano Film Festival, Milan

With Golan Levin and his new "Scrapple" software
---November 23rd, Huddersfield, UK
---November 26th, 2005, Rome, Italy (RomaEuropa Festival) with Golan Levin

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Interruption. A short film performed live with Joshua Kit Clayton in various locales around the world.

Gold Chains & Sue Cie. A dance punk duo for your next party.

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