Live performances

I have been performing live cinema since 1998 using a custom video-delay based software environment I coded in Max/MSP/Jitter. The basic set-up is a live scientific imaging camera that captures real-time video from backlit, LED illuminated objects that I've made or found (photos, paper, shiny things, models, micro-projectors etc.) and a laptop for processing. My path has crossed and combined with many wonderful musicians, at many excellent venues in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Europe and South America. I've tried to capture the essence of this long practice here. Several of the most recent and long-running performances are on this page - my two collaborative Live Films with Laetitia Sonami are directly in the portfolio. Many of my 100+ performances were improvisational, largely undocumented, momentary experiences with an inspiring cohort of musicians. See list below.


Art kit puncture

A live cinema experience in two parts: a mash up of Laurie Anderson and Gordon Matta-Clark is followed by a meditation on light, shape, color and the abstraction of meaning. Premiered at the closing of the SF MoMA's 24 hour marathon event in April 2013, and performed at the Lafayette Electronic Arts Festival in October 2016. Tools: laptop, micro-projector, light pad, flashlights, photos, papers, various objects.


OCcupy my mind

An evolving series of solo shows inspired by the Occupy Oakland movement - with a soundtrack from protest recordings, my own electronic music and some of AGF's excellent Mini Movies compositions. Each performance has been a re-working of the last. Premiered at the Lafayette Electronic Arts Festival in 2012.


Until spring revisited

A multi-year collaboration with Morton Subotnick was developed out of a performance at Ars Electronica in Linz in 2002. After creating a live visual "score" out of his actual score for Before the Butterflies we set out to create an audio-visual performance for Until Spring. Locations: Library of Congress, REDCAT, San Francisco MoMA

A more complete live performance archive is below:

Pacific Vortex, PNCA, Portland, OR, January 2016 - with Shawn Trail, curated by Carl Diehl
Control Voltage, Portland, OR, August 2015 - a Cycling '74 Connect event, with Shawn Trail
SF MoMA, San Francisco, CA, May 2013

SF MoMA, San Francisco, CA, November 2012, - with Morton Subotnick

SF MoMA, San Francisco, CA, April 2010 - with Laetitia Sonami

EMPAC, April 2012 - Infinite Jest (live version)
MediaLive Festival, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, July 2012 - Occupy my Mind

Laboral, Gijon, Spain, October 2012 - Infinite Jest Installation/Performance
Marco Museum, Vigo, Spain January 2012 - Infinite Jest Installation/Performance
Transito Festival, Mexico City, September 2011 - Sheepwoman
EMPAC, Filament Festival, Troy, NY, September 2010 - Sheepwoman
Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, LA, CA, April 2009 - Sheepwoman
Great American Music Hall, SF, CA, July 2008
ATA, San Francisco, April 2008
La Casa Encendida, Madrid, February 2008
EMPAC @RPI, Troy, NY, October 2007 - I.C.You
Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley, CA, May 2007 - I.C.You
The Game is Up, Vooruit, Gent, February 2007 - I.C.You
Recombinant Media Labs, San Francisco, April 2007

Dallas Contemporary, February 2007
Live Cinema Nights at ISEA, San Jose, August 2006
Montalvo Arts Center, August 2006
San Francisco International Film Festival, April 2006

Pixelache Festival at Kiasma, Helsinki, April 2006 - with AGF
Say It Now Festival at Vooruit, Gent, March 2006 - with AGF
Activating the Medium Festival, San Francisco, February 2006

REDCAT, Los Angeles, January 2006 - with Morton Subotnick
Sonar Festival, Barcelona, June 2005
Hip Chips, NYC, February 2005
Ars Electronica, Linz, September 2004 & 2005
Milano Film Festival, September 2004
Monkeytown, NYC, April 2004 - with AGF
Oberhausen Short Film Festival, Germany, May 2004

Dispatch Festival, Belgrade, October 2003 - with AGF, Kit Clayton, Vladislav Delay
Sounds French, Berkeley, March 2003 - with Luc Ferrari
Sonic Light, Amsterdam, January 2003 - with AGF
Mutek, Montreal, May 2002 - with AGF, Kit Clayton
Rooms for Listening, CCAC/San Francisco, September 2000  - with Kit Clayton